Call for Applications 2016

Dear young homo balcanicus, this story is about you.

Once upon a time, you read an announcement for a programme called Balkans, let’s get up! Going to a
non-formal educational event for a whole week was not something you’ve planned, but you were open to
it, wanted to get out of your daily routine, to develop your social, emotional, and communication skills.
You also wanted to share your vision about a better Balkan, discuss values you find important, and to
activate your potential and responsibility. And your English skills were just good enough to communicate
on a basic level.
You gave it a try and applied. You were invited to a seminar along with 24 other young persons from your
neighboring countries. It was the beginning of a journey that has changed your view of yourself in the
The seminar was intense, engaging, the people were nice, different and familiar at the same time. You
have made friends. And with some of them you came up with a project idea. Was it the summer school for
Roma children that do not have access to formal education? A cleaning or urban gardening activity? Or was
it the campaign against domestic violence with team mates from two other countries? Either way, BLGU
invited you to two more seminars: a project management training and a reflective meeting. You met the
same people again and again, shared stories of successes and challenges from which you learned, talked
long nights about how to change the world, and had some proper Balkan fun!
In between the seminars, you got a small project grant for your idea, made a clear plan with the help of
the trainers, talked long Skype hours to your personal mentor and most importantly, you grew by your own
idea and by implementing it step by step. Learning by doing, that’s what made the trick. Your feeling of
success was huge, as if nothing could stop you from making the world a better place, aware that your
other 24 new friends were doing the same, only with different ideas they burned for.
After half a year, the programme came to an end, but you were just about to begin.

Make it happen:

For applying, your educational and occupational background and experience in international exchange or project management are welcome but not a precondition. We ask for them in order to be able to compose a diverse group of participants for the seminars and therefore we also encourage persons with e.g. no experience abroad or no previous scholarships to apply.

Furthermore, Balkans, let's get up! supports and encourages people regardless of their ethnicity, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity. If you are motivated to play your active part in your society, you are the right person to apply for the Balkans, let’s get up! Programme.

Each of the seminars is conducted in a country in the Balkan Region. The working language is English.

The requirements are:

· Age between 18 and 27
· Willingness to contribute to your society with a civic initiative
· Ability to discuss in English
· Citizenship of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria,
Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia
or Slovenia.
· Motivation, time, and commitment to take part in each step of the

Summer School “How do we want to live together?”, July 2nd – 10th 2016, place to be determined

In an international Summer School we will discuss innovative approaches to sustainable forms of living, diversity (and democratization, to what democracy means on different levels of society), and which forms of active citizenship are possible to individuals and groups. You will meet like-minded people from all over the Balkans. The Summer School can be the  starting point for implementing your project, alone or in a team.

Project Management Training, September 3rd – 9th 2016, place to be determined

The best project drafts will be selected and you will be invited to a Project Management Training. During this week we will support you in further developing your project plans. Various aspects will be planned according to the particular needs of your individual projects. Topics such as time management, team work, communication, public relations, and fundraising will be a part of it.

 Between the Project Management Seminar and the Evaluation and Perspectives Seminar you will have time to implement your project. You will be accompanied by experienced Mentors.

Evaluation and Perspectives Seminar, December 4th – 7th 2016,

place to be determined

This seminar is one more forum for reflecting upon the results, the impact and the process of your projects. It addresses future
chances that open up due to the new experiences and networking opportunities acquired within the programme year, which allow for
sustainable engagement and support, but also employability. You will get acquainted with local and regional NGOs and other young
people taking action in the region.

How to apply:

For Balkans, let's get up! Programme 2016 apply here

Send us:
· Filled out application form for the Summer School
· Answer to the topical question in the online form in a short essay, poem or short story.
· A letter of motivation: Why do you want to take part in the “Balkans, let’s get up!“ programme?

The deadline for submitting applications in May 25th, 2016.

By applying you agree to our Programme Agreement 2016 attached to the online application form.


We are looking forward to your application!
Your Balkans, let’s get up! Team