2014 Projects


Place: Romania
Changemaker: Gabriel Moncea (ROU) 

Romania once had one of the biggest Hemp Industries in Europe, but that all changed after the 90s due to the stigma put on the plant, and now people are not aware of its properties, benefits, and its 100% usability. Hemp is an Eco-friendly plant, because it only needs soil and not much land to grow and all of it’s botanical components are used for some particular product: flowers – hemp oil, leaves – tea, fibers – textiles & paper, seeds – flour, oil & bio diesel, roots – medical usage.

The project will take the form of a 2 days fair, in the biggest park from Bucharest, with informational and degustation booths and workshops, in which the participants will explain to the people every beneficial property and usage of it.

My name is Gabriel Moncea, I live in Bucharest and I will be the hemp savior, by rising awareness!

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