2015 Projects

123 we are green

Place: Serbia
Changemakers: Aleksandar Bojić (SRB), Venesa Mušović (SRB) & Olga Jankov (SRB)

Visualization of environmental problems of our Belgrade represents core idea for implementation of our project. Its aim is to gather young people, bees that are busy like us, in order to teach them practical skills that they can implement through photography. In that way we will show you how much is needed to be done so that our city can become even more beautiful. One trash bin is just a start and there will be more of them from which you can take something more interesting than just a garbage.

We use photo-voice methods, active participation and Eco-workshops. Our learning approach is non-formal, innovative and motivational. We will make results of our project activities visible by unique public event.  Click for Belgrade!

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