2015 Projects


Places: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo & Greece 
Changemakers: Ajdin Salihović (BIH), Atdhe Lila (KOS) & Angelos Kaskanis (GRC)

Nowadays in Southeast Europe we are facing several issues concerning human trafficking. In a region that promotes European and democratic values it is considered a major responsibility to raise awareness reveal and tackle this social economical problem. Human Trafficking affects the social cohesion of the Southeast Europe, stability and the European dream towards integration. In addition to this, this phenomenon makes all the citizens of the region feel insecure and lose their trust towards the rule of law.

We plan to raise awareness and inform the society in Southeast Europe about this problem we are facing even today. We also plan to improve the cooperation between the society and the state institutions. In order to tackle the issue we aim to bring youth and policy makers in one table. By creating an online platform, we aim to make this project an initiative to encourage youth to be more active and cooperative.

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