2013 Projects


Place: Albania
Changemaker: Ina Havaraj (ALB)

What? – A project including a contest with artwork from recycled material or just trash with prizes for the winners, a live show to attract attention and a seminar for the presentation of different NGO-s, especially for the ones working on environmental issues.

Why? – Because it bothers me to see so many creative people with great potential just complaining about the way things are and not taking the initiative to change anything, although there are many NGOs in which they could get active.

For whom? – Mainly for people from 14 to 25 years old, but anyone could be part of this.

Unique selling point? – A strong motivation (like the contest) for people to be part of it. It is attracting because of the creativity it contains (visual arts, music). It helps both parties, the young people in Tirana and the NGOs. It aspires a sustainable change by treating the problem, lack of information and motivation, from the roots.

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