2013 Projects

Here and there, people matter everywhere!

Place: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Changemakers: Tsvetoslav Altanov (BGR), Luka Čuljak (BIH), Katarina Manojlović (SRB), Iva Tašić (SRB) & Catalina Tudor (ROU)

We believe that there is more potential for economic cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina than in the current situation. Once people realize that economic problems are affecting them regardless of their ethnicity, economic collaboration between the various groups can increase, improving cooperation between communities. Our mission is to open a space for discussion around the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the potential of extending that to other countries in the Balkans. One of the ways to convey our message is through providing people in the cities with opinions from all around the country, presented through having a traveling exhibition that includes photographic portraits alongside testimonies from people.

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