2013 Projects

Let’s take a chance

Place: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Changemakers: Vlasta Markovic (BIH), Semir Salihović (BIH) & Dinka Vehbić (BIH)

Our mission is to motivate young people aged 15 to 30 to become active and to make some good changes in our town Tuzla. In order for the society to change and be a better place, we need more people who are willing to take action. One of the ways to show to young people all of their opportunities is through a 3 days seminar where they can be shown all of their opportunities to get involved. NGO’s are the main place for these opportunities so NGOs are going to present themselves during the workshop. There is so many opportunities for youth and they have so much potential to change the world with just a little bit of motivation.

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