2015 Projects


Place: Bulgaria
Changemaker: Nikolay Kuzmov (BGR)

Imagine that somebody is convincing you to enter a dark room because you will find something interesting and it will worth it – you don’t know what to expect, you are feeling afraid and the only thing that you can do is to count on your previous experience, what you saw and felt in movies, in your daily life or what you heard from your friends. The thing that you need in that moment is just a little light which will give you the courage to enter. This is what Learning is going to become tolerance /L.G.B.T./ project aims to achieve. The project is about raising awareness among young people aged 16-25 toward the people who are living with HIV, especially LGBTQI and improving their knowledge and understanding for the virus itself, sexual transmitted diseases and sex education in general. Me and my team want to be that sparkling light for the young people and we will achieve that by having interactive meetings with them, establishing an online campaign, organizing training for trainers and having a few social experiments in different cities in Bulgaria.

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