2014 Projects

Smoking – not trendy any more

Place: Albania
Changemakers: Harald Çela (ALB) & Erjana Kurti (ALB) 

When the organizers ask us to pick up a topic that really affect our life, immediately in my mind came all those children who relax in bars and public places with their parents, meanwhile a lot of people are smoking without any compunction. Once I tried to talk with one smoker and he just didn’t gave a shit about this phenomena, even the fact that he was close to his child and damaging his own child.
I will do my best and everything to rise awareness, because they don’t know what this in the future will cause. Maybe with penalties and the authorities, or the famous rule of law that in Albania doesn’t work so much. Even if I change only one person and s/he understand me and my cause, than I will be very happy and very satisfied for the future.
Always I remember one phrase from the greatest Albanian woman Gonxhe Bojaxhiu (known as Mather Teresa): If you help one person, than you had helped the whole world.”

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