2013 Projects

Tell me my rights

Place: Croatia
Changemakers: Mirko Savković (HRV) & Vasil Bituni (ALB)

Asylum seekers and illegal immigrants face significant obstacles in the process of regulating their stay in Croatia and the process itself is unsuccessful in most of the cases. Part of the problem certainly lies in the low awareness of asylum seekers about their rights. This group often does not receive clear, simple and timely information about their rights in a language that they can understand. The project “Tell me my rights” intends to gather in one booklet the basic information and tips and to translate them into the native languages of the asylum seekers. The final multilingual booklet, which will be made with support of BLGU, local experts in Croatia and other relevant stakeholders, will be forwarded to the target population in the venues for asylum seekers and to human rights NGO’s in Croatia.

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