2014 Projects

The colours of Macedonia

Place: Macedonia
Changemaker: Admir Fazlagić (MKD)

Although my home-country, Macedonia is a multicultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious society, people do not have enough knowledge for their friends, neighbors, work and school –colleagues, from different ethnic backgrounds. There are historical prejudices, highlighted by political influences between these ethnic groups. Nonetheless, the imposed prejudices between the ethnic communities could, unfortunately, further produce conflicts. In the same time, there is a lack of realistic media representation of multiculturalism; the media mostly present the negative image instead of stories that connect the people. The primary inspiration for my project „The colours of Macedonia “ is to show the beauty of multiculturalism and to provide an opportunity for the youth and other people to learn more about the ethnic communities in an interesting way.

I honestly believe that with my video I’ll show colourful beauty of Macedonia.

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