2015 Projects

United to end violence against women (UEVAW)

Places: Skopje, Macedonia; Bar, Montenegro & Zagreb/Rijeka, Croatia

Changemakers: Ljupka Trajanovska (MKD), Milica Karić (SRB), Lorena Sopić (HRV) & Glorija Peranić (HRV)

Our motto is: Don’t choose to abuse!

Our main goal is prevention and raising awareness about the problem of violence against women. As young women which are coming from the Balkans we are encountering with different types of violence against women, on daily bases, so we felt the need to find a solution. Our project will be implemented through guerrilla campaign, followed by workshops with high school students and social media campaign.

We sincerely hope that we will bring some quality changes into our target group’s lives.

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