2016 Projects

Culture shock

Places: Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina & Greece
Changemakers: Sidorela Alijaj (KOS), Fjolla Hasani (KOS), Erind Mustafaraj (ALB), Mergina Rugovaj (KOS), Ismar Sućeska (BIH), Bernes Suljić (BIH) & Anastasia Tsougka (GRC)

Culture shock is a multi-national group of young people from the Balkans that was brought together by their common eagerness to battle prejudice and stereotypes as well as to underscore the similarities between cultures in the region. Our goal is to reach out to as many young people as we can by creating informative videos, surveys and organizing cultural activities with the aim to unite them for a better functioning society. We also inspire to let them know more about each other and find similarities between each other. Surveys and videos will be shared through media campaign from team members and other BLGU friends in all of the Balkan countries (specifically in the cities where the team members and BLGU friends live) while the last activity will be held in the same place where the BLGU evaluation seminar will be held. By the end of the project we will have some collected data from surveys which we will present during the evaluation seminar.
During the project implementation, besides the team members, we will have volunteers and organizations involved such as NGO-s, Educational Institution, Research Institutes, friends and colleagues etc. We feel this goal is close to our hearts because we strongly believe in regional collaboration and the common interests that bring us closer than apart.

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