2016 Projects

Think ECOlogical

Places: Niš, Serbia & Podgorica, Montenegro
Changemakers: Novak Čelebić (SRB), Marija Milenković (SRB) & Nađa Labudović (MNE)

Regarding the fact that environmental issues has been neglected in the past years and the level of awareness on environment protection in our communities is very low, especially among children, Novak, Marija, Ana and Nadja are highly motivated to implement the project that they developed -Think ECOlogical. Project will take place in Nis (Republic of Serbia) and Podgorica (Republic of Montenegro). Goal of the project is to educate children aged between 9-12 years on the importance of environment protection through organization of two-day workshop in two Primary Schools, both Nis and Podgorica. Within this project they will be more familiar with environment problems in our communities, environmental values and with possibilities for protection of environment in order to achieve sustainable development. Also, part of the project is promotion of environmental awareness among broad public through local media such as local TV, radio stations and newspapers. Project will be implemented in the period September-November 2016

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