2016 Projects

Feel the film

Place: Belgrade, Serbia
Changemakers: Nađa (SRB) & Jelena Kostić (SRB)

We are Nađa and Jelena, students from Belgrade and enthusiastic volunteers at film festivals, who strongly believe that social activism and raising awareness among youth is a step towards solving certain society or community problems. As a way to do it, we have chosen movies as tools that we are very familiar with, and that can be very effective in spreading messages and addressing social or other issues. We want to help in developing critical thinking among young people, because that is a healthy path to intellectual community and they are future decision makers in our societies. Also, Belgrade is lacking cultural events and places where youth can gather and express themselves. Our plan is to conduct 6 projections of documentary or socially engaged movies, after which we will have either interactive workshops or debates, depending on the topic the film is dealing with (poverty, ecology, religion, nations, politics, etc.). If possible, we will also try to find persons who are professionally related to the topic in question, and do a discussion with them as guests. These workshops will be held at 3 different locations, during one month and a half, and our target group will primarily be students interested in movies and youth social engagement, but others are also welcome too. Other than BLGU, we will cooperate with organizations that connect youth and culture, and network with people who have a vast movie knowledge. We will have posters about workshops at these locations and distribute flyers at some universities. We are very looking forward to the implementation of our project and hope it will be successful, in a way that it will reach at least someone who will express a wish to be more socially active or engaged. Among other things, watching documentary movies is the way how we ended up supporting social activism and that is why we hope this project will produce a small echo 🙂

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