2016 Projects

Vege menza

Place: Zagreb, Croatia
Changemaker: Tena Rak (HRV)

As a student, which I have been for last 6 years in Zagreb, I’ve noticed one thing every student needs on a daily basis – a proper and cheap meal. But what about people who don’t eat meat or have dairy allergies? Or refuse to eat animal products because of some personal or social and ecological reasons? Or just want to have one healthier and tastier meal for the same price? I started to think about those questions and how great it would be to have one vegan student restaurant in Zagreb, so every single student could use their rights on student meals, no matter what their food preferences are. Beside that, it would represent taking care of the environment and animals by preparing only plant based food and supporting local farmers and food producers. There should definitely exist one vegan student restaurant, open for everybody. It would be a small step for each student, but great step for our society.

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