2016 Projects

The stork didn’t bring them

Places: Serbia & Croatia
Changemakers: Nina Kresevič (HRV), Jelena Barna (SRB), Suzana Blagus (HRV) &
Kulmita Kajtazi (KOS)

We, Nina, Jelena, Suzana and Kulmita are some young girls from the Balkan countries (Serbia, Kosovo and Croatia), that want to change our society for better. We were brought together by Balkan let’s get up! an organization that aims at strengthening the civil society on the Balkans through civic education. Together we intend to implement a project about parent-children communication about sexuality in general and also about risky sexual behavior among young people as a way of preventing risks and also creating better parent-child communication about this topic. This project is going to be implemented in Serbia and Croatia, where we are going to organize some informative/creative workshops with parents of adolescents by educating them how important this topic is for future behavior of their children and motivate them to have conversation with their children about sexual behavior. This issue bothers us because we grew up in an environment where nobody talks about the importance of this issue and that’s why we want to change that.

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