2014 Projects

Media literacy among high school students

Place: Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Changemakers: Amar Alikadić (BIH), Emina Frljak (BIH) & Nataša Zrnić (BIH)

As young persons who are aware of the current influence and status of media, we have aimed our project to raise the awareness of young people about the risks they  bring. Through workshops with young people we are trying to take the first step towards making media literacy better. Raising media literacy is a big process and therefore can not be done in a short time. That is the reason why we are implementing our project in three towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to make the first steps. We are sure that our project will have an impact on the society and be successful and we are sure that implementing pur project will be the first step to changing the situation in our society.

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