2014 Projects

Media Youth

Place: Serbia
Changemakers: Irma Kerović (SRB) & Mira Popović (SRB)

We couldn’t help but notice that the media are influencing young people in a manner which moulds them to the needs of the social elite and with the lack of guilt they endanger the position of the youth in our community and put them in the subordinate position with no real influence that could provoke change. This symptomatic behaviour leads to youth being prone to manipulation and incapable of any further response to the pressing issues that plague our youth. All of this does not create a fertile ground for any further perfecting of their abilities trough working in the fields that they are most interested in or any possible activism that may lead to building useful tools for their future lives as an outlet of their creativity with extremely helpful critical view of the situation. So we decided to give them a chance to express their opinion and share their point of view by using their critical thinking by writing a series of articles on current situation and the topics that stress them the most and publishing them on our blog “altro.me”.