2014 Projects

The Hammer of Youth

Place: Novi Pazar, Serbia
Changemakers: Armin & Amina Gicić (SRB)

Inspired by the social environment where the youth is separated through different political parties, or they simply do not want to participate social actions through political system, our team`s decided to find the way between or even through them to achieve our goal of making the young people of our city socially more active.

We found our motivation in great, unfortunately unused potentials of our city. Simply by comparing young people to gold, you have a lot of but no one sees it or just does not want. We are the first to notice and what is more important to take an action to use “the gold” of our city. What is the best among it all, is that you need tools to dig the gold. You need THE HAMMER OF YOUTH.

So there we are, we are simply planing to make one social “hummer” to first of all dig the precious metal and secondly to break the borders between political corrupted society and normal people.

All things considered it is affordable, useful, far fetched and what is the most extraordinary part very cheap.

Welcome to the new modern GOLDEN RUSH!!!

Kind regards!

Armin and Amina Gicic

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